Trees Alive Recognized

Trees Alive Awarded Excellence in Urban Forestry Award from the Georgia Urban Forest Council in 2013

Outstanding Marketing Grand Award: Trees Alive – The Adams Park neighborhood in Atlanta has an abundant canopy of large and beautiful hardwood trees, but a vast number of these trees were significantly threatened by English ivy vines. In 2012, members of a neighborhood association - Adams Park Foundation, formed a partnership with the City of Atlanta and the Tree Conservation Commission to pilot an educational project to raise awareness about the threat English ivy poses to the mature trees. The group conducted numerous educational outreach efforts as well as hands-on demonstrations of how to properly remove ivy without damaging trees. The team has eliminated ivy from some 54 sites, and practically every resident of the 2,120 acre neighborhood is aware of the problem ivy and other invasive plants can pose to trees — thanks to the outreach efforts of these dedicated residents (and the yard signs they post in each yard where they have waged war on ivy!)